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You may not have noticed yet, but all our flower bulb collections are named after cities where the Olympic Games were once organized. We are going to introduce some of them to you.

Flower bulb  collection Tokyo

The Olympic Games were held in the Japanese capital in 1964, it was here that the Netherlands won 2 gold medals. Anton Geesink in Judo and cycling, the men were the strongest in the team time trial.

Flower Bulb Collection Tokyo contains a mix of many different Tulip bulbs that will color the garden from mid-March to early May. You will find Flower Bulb Collection Tokyo because of its great popularity in 3 different sizes, namely per 125, 250 or 500 pieces.

Flower bulb collection Barcelona

The 25th modern Olympic Games were held in Barcelona. Here too the Netherlands managed to win 2 gold medals. The show jumping team won gold in the Nations Cup and Ellen van Langen managed to win the 800 meters for the women. Most of you can probably still picture the images of a crying Ellen van Langen.

Flower bulb Collection Barcelona consists of 5 different types of parrot Tulips. With their special shapes, they reminded us a bit of the special shapes that Antoni GaudÍ uses in, for example, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.


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