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The coronavirus (COVID-19) provides exceptional conditions. Attention to people and our society is more important than ever. The delivery of mail, parcels and other shipments is important for social traffic in these difficult circumstances. As long as this is safe and healthy, our delivery partner PostNL, the Dutch national postal service, will continue to deliver in a responsible manner. According to the Dutch National Health Institute RIVM, the risk of contamination via mail and parcels is very small. They indicate that there is no evidence that people have been infected by mail and packages.


Delivery in Spain

We are still able to deliver in Spain, however due to the COVID-19 measures we are seeing delays in the Padrón region in particular.

There is an adapted procedure for signature of receipt via the local postal service Correos.

Packages cannot be delivered in specific areas within Spain. It concerns the following postcode areas: Padrón 15282, 15900, 15910, 15911, 15912, 15914, 15915, 15916, 15917, 15920, 15928, 15980, 15981, 15982, 15983, 15984, 15985, 36640, 36645, 36646, 36647, 36649 Cáceres: 10900, Navalmoral de la Mata: 10374 and La Bañeza: 24763. If these shipments are already in Spain, they will be stored until the areas are accessible again. Regular mail can still be delivered here.


Delivery in Italy

The Italian postal service has indicated that mail delivery has resumed since March 5, 2020. Nevertheless, measures have been taken to curb the spread of the coronavirus. This can still lead to a longer delivery time than usual.

Update March 27, 2020: Most of the previously communicated unreachable zip code areas, regarding parcel delivery, are now open again. This does not yet apply to postcodes starting with 24xxx and 25xxx. We still cannot deliver packages here. If these shipments are already in Italy, they will be stored until the areas are accessible again. If not, they will return the sender. Regular mail can still be delivered within these areas.

Expected delay currently 4-7 days


Delivery in other EU countries

We are still able to reach destinations in the European Union, however due to the COVID-19 measures in the EU member states we see that there may be some delays in delivery.

In addition to delays in many destinations, there are countries that take measures to minimize contact between deliverer and recipient. This can mean, for example, that they no longer request a signature for receipt, while the shipment is simply delivered.

If you have questions about specific destinations, we ask you to contact our customer service.


Status of orders

To stay well informed, we recommend that you follow the status of your delivery in the PostNL app. Here you can track your package with track & trace (this also applies to international shipments) and stay informed via push notifications. If there are any changes in the delivery, you will find the latest information here.


International shipments

The coronavirus has consequences for sending mail and packages abroad. You can find the latest information on and you can see what this might mean for your shipment.


Delivery time

Delivery will take 4 to 7 working days (1-2 weeks), depending on the country. You can make your order anytime. You can plant your bulbs after receiving them.


Do you ship to my country?

We ship our bulbs to more than 15 countries in Europe. In the country list below you can find out if whe ship to your country.

  1. Denmark (excl. Greenland en Faroe Islands)
  2. Finland
  3. Hungary
  4. Ireland
  5. Italy (excl. San Marino en Vatican City)
  6. Poland
  7. Portugal (incl. Azores & Madeira)
  8. Slovenia
  9. Slovakia
  10. Spain (incl. Balearic Islands & excl. Canary Islands)
  11. Czech Republic
  12. Sweden
  13. Bulgaria
  14. Greece
  15. Romania
  16. Netherlands: go to
  17. Germany: go to
  18. Austria: go to
  19. France: go to (incl. Monaco & Corsica, excl. Andorra and overseas territories)
  20. Luxembourg: go to
  21. Belgium choose Dutch or Belgique in French

 For United Kingdom (excluding Gibraltar and the Channel Islands) go to, We will charge £ 25 for freight  and necessary export paperwork and qualitity checks.

Shipping costs

In the overview below you see all the shipping costs of the countries to which we ship in Europe.

Country (EU site) Shipping costs Free delivery from
Denmark € 14.99 € 100.-
Finland € 16.49 € 100.-
Hungary € 11.49 € 100.-
Ireland € 16.49 € 100.-
Italy € 12.49 € 100.-
Poland € 11.49 € 100.-
Portugal € 11.49 € 100.-
Slovenia € 20.99 € 100.-
Slovakia € 11.49 € 100.-
Spain € 12.49 € 100.-
Czech Republic € 11.49 € 100.-
Sweden € 20.99 € 100.-
Bulgaria € 28.99 € 100.-
Greece € 22.99 € 100.-
Romania € 23.99 € 100.-
Netherlands € 7.69 € 55.-
Belgium € 6.99 € 55.-
Luxembourg € 10.99 € 55.-
Germany € 6.99 € 55.-
Austria € 9.99 € 55.-
France € 11.49 € 55.-


When you order pre-order items and seasonal items at the same time, your order is split into two delivery times and we charge pre-order shipping costs extra. (Pre-) orders with spring flowering bulbes and amaryllis, we deliver together in the second half of October.

Track & Trace

All our products are sent using Track & Trace, enabling you to keep track of where your order is and when you can expect it. As soon as our shipping agent has started processing your order, you will receive an email from us containing your unique Track & Trace code and a link that you can use to keep track of your order.


Delivery method

We will use various shipping agents, each with years of experience in postal service delivery within Europe and worldwide. They can offer you the best service for each country.