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Would you like to be inspired at Keukenhof for your own little Keukenhof in the garden? Parts of the Keukenhof gardens are planted with our flower bulbs, so you can see our products on site and get inspired. Stop by one of our two sales stands at Keukenhof! There you can order our flower bulbs and get advice from our expert staff.
If your amaryllis doesn't flower or only produces green leaves, it can be frustrating. There are some possible reasons for the lack of flowering and solutions to get your amaryllis blooming again.
Contrary to what many people think, it is best for perennials, like bulbs, to be planted before the first frost in autumn.
The dahlia is a beautiful summer bloomer that provides a stunning display of colour in the garden. To ensure that it can unfold its full flowering glory, it is important to prune it regularly. Cutting back dahlias is also known as pruning. Pruning dahlias offers many benefits to the plant such as promoting healthy growth until the first frost and extra lush growth. In this blog post we will give you 5 tips for abundant dahlia flowering.
Dahlias are beautiful perennial bloomers that add colourful splendour to our gardens. Unfortunately, however, they are also susceptible to pests such as slugs. These little crawlies can destroy a dahlia's delicate petals and leaves in no time. Fortunately, if you don't want to use chemical pesticides, there are some natural ways to keep slugs away and keep your dahlias healthy. In this blog post, we will also look at other pests that might threaten your dahlias and explain how to keep them at bay naturally.
The size of flower bulbs is an important factor in the quality and appearance of the flowers and plants that grow from them. So it is not surprising that there is a great demand for larger bulbs. But why is this so important and how is bulb size measured?
Balcony boxes and pots are a great way to add an individual touch to your own balcony or terrace. They can easily be planted yourself and offer the perfect opportunity to enjoy your favourite flowers where you want them. But which flowers are suitable for a balcony box or pot in the first place? What are the advantages of planting in pots and what do you have to look out for when choosing the right bulbs and tubers?
Would you like to decorate your garden or balcony with colourful dahlias for as long as possible and can hardly wait to discover the first flowers? Then you should start growing dahlia tubers in pots as early as winter! We explain how it works and what to look out for!
Autumn is planting time! This also applies to crocus bulbs. Crocuses are among the first bulbs to show their flowers in spring. We will gladly explain to you how exactly you should plant crocuses and what to look out for!
QFB Gardening supports several charitable projects that aim to teach children the joy of gardening and a sense of community. Together with the Flowers4Schools campaign, 3,500,000 flower bulbs have now been donated to Ukrainian schools.
Planting bulbs is back in fashion! You can enjoy the gardening in the autumn sunshine while planting the bulbs and be rewarded for your work with a bright spring garden in the spring. Are you not a professional gardener but would like to start gardening? Are you still apprehensive about the subject of flower bulbs? Here are the 10 most frequently asked questions about flower bulbs to help you get started:
Voles and moles are extremely sensitive to odours and therefore do not like strong smells. You can take advantage of this by planting bulbs that are naturally strong-smelling. The Fritillaria is particularly suitable. Read more....
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