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Do you like a beautiful, coloured garden, but don’t you want to put too much work into it? Then Naturalising bulbs are really something for you! Put the bulbs in the ground in the autumn and enjoy these beautiful flowers in the spring. The special thing about Naturalising bulbs is that they are hardy, they come back for years and they multiply.

A new start!

Queen Flowerbulbs has had a metamorphosis and is, from now on, known as QFB Gardening, Quality Flowerbulbs & More.
Every year, you could find two flower bulb shops with beautiful gardens at Keukenhof from QFB Gardening! Just like in our webshop, you will find something for everyone, regarding flower bulbs, at our Keukenhof outlets.
However, the Amaryllis does not bloom only in autumn. The bulbs are still available until late spring and by ‘preserving’ an Amaryllis bulb you can enjoy it even longer!
Whether your garden is small or large, there is always a place to plant bulbs . For example in a border with perennials. Borders usually only bloom from mid-May.
Lasagna planting is also called double decker bulb planting. These names derive from the manner of planting (in layers) of the bulbs in a pot or in your garden.
We are regularly asked People regulary asks us "when is Keukenhof at its best?" or "when is it the best time to go to Keukenhof?".

Answering these questions is not that easy because it also depends on what you want to see.