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Would you like to decorate your garden or balcony with colourful dahlias for as long as possible and can hardly wait to discover the first flowers? Then you should start growing dahlia tubers in pots as early as winter! We explain how it works and what to look out for!
Autumn is planting time! This also applies to crocus bulbs. Crocuses are among the first bulbs to show their flowers in spring. We will gladly explain to you how exactly you should plant crocuses and what to look out for!
QFB Gardening supports several charitable projects that aim to teach children the joy of gardening and a sense of community. Together with the Flowers4Schools campaign, 3,500,000 flower bulbs have now been donated to Ukrainian schools.
Planting bulbs is back in fashion! You can enjoy the gardening in the autumn sunshine while planting the bulbs and be rewarded for your work with a bright spring garden in the spring. Are you not a professional gardener but would like to start gardening? Are you still apprehensive about the subject of flower bulbs? Here are the 10 most frequently asked questions about flower bulbs to help you get started:
Voles and moles are extremely sensitive to odours and therefore do not like strong smells. You can take advantage of this by planting bulbs that are naturally strong-smelling. The Fritillaria is particularly suitable. Read more....
There are many different types and characteristics of flower bulbs. Not every flower bulb can withstand cold temperatures. Some can easily stay in the ground during winter and flower again the next year, others do not survive the winter in the ground and still others even multiply from year to year. But what exactly is the difference and which bulbs and tubers belong to which category?
Daffodils herald the colorful spring as one of the first messengers of spring. With their bright flowers, they brighten even dark spring days. When should you plant daffodils and what happens to daffodils after flowering? We'll tell you!
The Netherlands are known for their beautifully blooming tulip fields. But why are tulips planted in the first place and then immediately cut back in spring?
Everything you need to know about planting Spring Bulbs in the US and Canada.
Deer-resistant bulbs, naturalizing bulbs, cold treatment,
Have you already seen our perennials in our range? Perennials are available as a rhizome, but also in a nursery pot from the well-known “Hello Garden series”. In addition to beautiful flower bulbs in the garden, perennials really complete your garden!
One of the best-known Summer flowering bulbs is the Dahlia. The Dahlia is a truly rewarding plant in the garden. The better you care for them, the more you will enjoy abundant flowering. Dahlias are originally from Mexico. This explains why the Dahlia tubers are not hardy.
About 7 million flower bulbs are planted at Keukenhof? We are the main supplier of Keukenhof. That is why you can also buy the bulb varieties that bloom there from us.
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