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3 reasons why you should plant perennials in autumn

When to plant perennials? Many of our customers ask themselves this question. Contrary to what many hobby gardeners think, the best time to plant perennials is not in spring but, as with flower bulbs, before the first frost in autumn. We tell you why:

1. Less risk of dry soil

As spring and summer become warmer and drier, there is a risk that freshly planted hardy perennials will not get enough water in spring. In autumn, on the other hand, there is usually still enough rainfall to keep the freshly planted perennials well supplied. This will save you time and require less water for irrigation.

2. Warm soil stimulates root development

In spring the soil is very cold after the long winter. In autumn, however, it is still relatively warm from the summer. This means that the planting material can take root more quickly in autumn, and the nutrient-rich, warm soil also means that they develop stronger and more vigorously than in spring. This makes plants even more resistant!

3. Enjoy your perennial bed already in spring

If you have already done your gardening in autumn, you can enjoy your garden right from the beginning of spring. This way, your garden will be one of the first to shine in all its glory and you will have enough time to devote to other tasks, such as tending to your vegetable patch.

TIP: With evergreen plants you can bring colour into your garden even in winter.

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