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QFB Gardening sends 150,000 flower bulbs to Ukrainian schools

With the Flowers4Schools project, together with other flower bulb growers and wholesalers, we have sent more than 3,500,000 flower bulbs to Ukraine by November 2022. The plan is for more to follow! The first shipment arrived in Ukraine on 8 November and the first tulips, daffodils and many other spring blooms have already been planted by many hard-working schoolchildren. 

The main task of the project is to introduce Ukrainian children to the world of flower bulbs and plants. By planting flowers, we want to positively influence children's morale and show them what a great achievement gardening is. At the same time, this will further fuel their love for their country and home. The children will see for themselves how their initiative produces beautiful flowers and will be amazed by the beauty of their own work. 

Want to keep up to date with what is emerging from our and all the other flower bulbs? Then follow us on Instagram and admire the children's amazing flowering results next spring.

Project that has been close to our hearts for years: Bulbs4Kids

In addition, QFB Gardening has been supporting the "Bulbs4Kids" project for years. Every year, in cooperation with Bulbs4Kids and iBulb, we donate 60,000 flower bulbs to primary schools. Thanks to us and many other participants, this year 2250 primary schools in the Netherlands, England, Canada, France, Sweden and Germany will receive a Bulbs4Kids pack. Each pack also always contains all necessary supplies such as garden shovels and vests. Teaching materials about bulbs are also provided, making the whole process an educational and fun project. Bulbs4Kids is an initiative of and aims to introduce children to flower bulbs in a positive and fun way. In total, more than 1.3 million flower bulbs will be planted in school gardens this year!


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