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Everything about daffodils

As soon as you see the first buds of the Daffodils (Narcissus), you know that spring is coming. These early Spring flowering bulbs are more than happy to brighten up your garden. Many people only know the Daffodils in yellow, but did you know that we also sell them in white, orange, pink and mixed?! These spring bulbs are very easy, because they can stand in the sun or in the shade. Daffodils are available in many different varieties, below we tell more about our favourite Daffodil (Narcissus) bulbs.

Daffodil Tête á Tête

This Daffodil is bright yellow in colour and has a short stem. The advantage of this is that even when there is a lot of wind, this flower still stands. You can plant these Narcissus in the border, but they are also suitable for pots. The Tête á Tête belongs to the Cyclamineus Daffodils and is one of the first Daffodils to flower in the spring (March / April).

Narcis Tête á Tête


Daffodil 'Dutch Master'

You can enjoy this Daffodil in the middle of spring (March / April). The flowers are golden yellow in colour and have a trumpet with fringes. The Trumpet is a real eye-catcher, because it is huge in proportion to the petals. Its yellow colour makes it perfect for Easter. So you can cut this flower and enjoy it when they are on the table during the Easter breakfast!

Narcis Dutch Master


Daffodil Tahiti

The Daffodil Tahiti is one of the best Double Daffodils. This flower can reach a height of 45 centimeters, making it one of the tallest Double Daffodils. You can enjoy this beautiful Spring flowering bulb in April. Due to its long stems, it is also very suitable as a cut flower, so you can enjoy it indoors.

Narcis Tahiti


Daffodil Thalia

This strain is a great low-dweller and beautiful to look at. This species has a white flower, but also a white trumpet. She will reach a height of 20 to 30 centimeters, making her very suitable for planting in a pot. In addition, this flower also gives off fragrance, so you can enjoy this flower even more!

Narcis Thalia


Daffodil Petit Four

A real beauty among the Daffodils is the Narcissus Petit Four. You can enjoy this bloomer in April. At first the trumpet has a light yellow colour, but then changes to light pink. This variety is very suitable as a cut flower, because it grows to a height of 40 centimeters. Of course they are also perfect for the border.

Narcis Petit Four


Daffodil Ziva

This Daffodil can reach a height of 40 to 50 centimeters. This flower does not handle frost well, so they are best used in the house. Because the frost in the Netherlands is not so severe, you can plant them here in the border, but we do not recommend this in colder countries. This variety is known for its sweet, strong scent, which makes these Daffodils even more enjoyable at home.

Narcis Ziva


Above you see a small selection from our range of Daffodils, but of course we have many more types of Daffodil bulbs. Are you looking for specific Daffodils? Then use our filter, so that you can select for example flower colour, flowering height, suitable for pot, naturalising or flowering time.

Planting Daffodils

In the fall (between October and December) it is time to plant the daffodil bulbs. This way you can enjoy these Spring flowering bulbs next spring. Daffodils are very easy, so you can plant them in the grass, in the border, in pots, in groups or between other low spring bulbs. They can stand in the sun as well as in a semi-shaded spot. Early in the spring you will see the greenery rise above the ground. Depending on the weather, Daffodils bloom early in the spring. If it is still very cold, they can flower a little bit later.

Naturalisation bulbs

Did you know that many Daffodils are very suitable for naturalising? This allows you to leave the bulbs in the ground and enjoy these beautiful flowers again a year later. It is important that you let the foliage die back slowly and then cut off the dead flowers. In this way the flower bulb gets all the energy it needs to flower again the following year.

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