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Everything about Tulips

Tulips are one of the best-known spring bloomers in the world. When you ask someone where this beautiful flower comes from, many people answer the Netherlands. But did you know that this is actually not true? Hundreds of years ago, the Tulip was discovered in Central Asia. Subsequently, the Tulip was introduced in Turkey, which is why the Tulips are often placed on tiles and pottery. The first tulip arrived in the Netherlands around 1593 and they were grown in the Hortus Botanicus in Leiden. At the time, the Tulip bulbs were very valuable. There was even a moment when they yielded as much as a canal house in Amsterdam! Today, the Netherlands is known for the tulips (bulbs) and they are exported all over the world.

Many Tulip varieties

The Tulip has many different varieties. You have early and late bloomers, single and double tulips, but there is also a difference in leaf shape, colour and flowering height. Note that some varieties are suitable for pot planting and others are not. You can find this by the product specifications "Suitable for in pots". If you plant tulip bulbs of several varieties with different flowering times, you can enjoy these beautiful flowers for months! Below you can read more about the different Tulips.

Kaufmannia tulips

These Tulips have striped leaves, which makes them look extra graceful. It is a variety that flowers very early in the spring (March / April). When fully exposed to the sun, they will open their flowers completely. This variety is also very suitable for planting in a pot.



Specie Tulips

This is a real botanical tulip variety and also blooms early in the spring (March / April). This bulb can naturalise, so you can enjoy it for several years!



Single Early Tulips

These Tulips bloom in early spring (April). They are very suitable for planting in flower pots or a flower bed. This is because they have a short flower stem with little leaves.



Double Early Tulips

These are also early flowering bulbs, but unlike the Single Tulip, they have more petals, which makes the tulips look fuller. Like the single, they have a short flower spike, making them ideal for pots or flower beds. You can enjoy this tulip in April.



Triumph tulips

You can enjoy this flower bulb in April. This variety is a hybrid of the Single Early and late flowering Tulips. The flower stems are of a medium length and are therefore very suitable for use in the border or as a cut flower. This way you can also enjoy these flowers inside.



Fosteriana Tulips

Fosteriana tulips are an early flowering variety (April) and have short stems. They are known for their bright colours. You can plant them in flower beds or in containers.



Darwin Hybrid Tulips

The Darwin Hybrid Tulips are known for their long, strong stems, making them perfect for cutting and putting in a vase. This variety flowers in the middle of the season (April / May). Extra special about this Tulip is that some can come back several years. This can be found in the specification “Naturalising".



Greigii tulips

This is a tulip variety with fairly short stems, making them perfect for planting in pots, containers or flower beds. This species has striped leaves, which is also reflected in the Kaufmannia tulips. What is special about these Tulips? The inner leaves are larger than the outer leaves, which makes the tulips appear to have a bell shape. The flower bulbs flower in late April / early May.



Single Late Tulips

This variety is perfect for combining with early flowering varieties, so that you can enjoy the Tulip season extra long. The Single Late Tulips do not flower until May. This variety is quite tall with a strong flower stem, so you can cut it off to put it in a vase! Nice if you also want to enjoy these beautiful flowers indoors.



Double Late Tulips

The Double Late Tulip is a type of Tulip that is very similar to the Peonies, which is why they are also called "Peony-flowered". They are flowers with a long flower spike and bloom in May.



Parrot tulips

Parrot tulips are a very special species, because they have a special flower shape. Keep this in mind when you combine them with other varieties, so that you create the best effect! You can enjoy this strain in full sun, because then they will open completely. The flowering time of the Parrot Tulip is May.



Multi-flowered Tulips

A very special variety, because several flowers grow per flower stem. So you can enjoy this tulip even more! Besides the fact that you can plant them in a flower bed, they can also be placed in containers. The flowering time of this beautiful Tulip variety is May. 



Fringed Tulips

The leaves have a fringed edge, which is reflected in the name. This is less common, which makes the flower extra special! They bloom in mid to late spring (May).



Lily-flowered Tulips

These are Tulips with a pointed shape and long flower stems. You will find the brightest colours with this strain. Due to its long stems, they are also very suitable for use as a cut flower. It is possible that this species returns for several years, you will find this in the product specification "Naturalising". You can enjoy this colourful variety in May.



This is just a selection from our Tulip range. Now that you know more about the famous Tulip varieties, you can choose what you are really looking for. To help you, we have a number of filters to help you find your favourites. Via the filter you select your preferences. For example, you can choose colour, flowering height, flowering time, plants in pots or naturalising. If you would like more information about the ordering process, you can read it on the "Order" page.

Planting tulips

As you read above, you can plant tulip bulbs in the border in the garden or in a pot. Note that not all varieties can be put in a pot, the information for this can be found in the product specification "Suitable for in a pot". They are also very suitable for cutting, so that you can also enjoy them at home. To enjoy Tulips for months, we recommend combining early and late varieties. Do you plant them in pots? Then it is even more nice to apply lasagne planting, so that you can continuously enjoy the Tulips at one place. Lasagne planting is also called floor planting, which means that you plant the flower bulbs one above the other. You can read all tips & tricks about lasagne planting in our blog!


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