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A new start!

Queen Flowerbulbs has had a metamorphosis and is, from now on, known as QFB Gardening, Quality Flowerbulbs & More. With QFB Gardening we continue to offer top quality flower bulbs, as you are used to from us and we continue to expand our range.

Our new web shop has launched at the end of May 2020 and we do now offer a broader range of Spring Flowering-, Summer Flowering Bulbs, Amaryllis and perennials. We keep adding our range to offer high-quality products for your garden, balcony or indoors. This allows you to focus on what really matters, the end result!

This allows you to focus on what really counts, the end result!

Our updated website offers more extensive information about our products. These are clearly divided into categories, giving you a quick overview of our wide range. With a few clicks, you have filled your shopping cart and you can easily pay. Tips and tricks to make your end result even better can be found under the heading "Tips & Inspiration". We continue to expand these regularly to help you even better.

Our appearance has been renewed, but of course we continue to offer the service and quality you are used to from us!


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